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List of schedule speakers and their topics.
'*' indicates Invited Speaker
Session chairs are from the International Committee.

Quantel will be exhibiting their products series from Monday to Wednesday.

Session Ia:
Chair: Elisabeth Dalimier
    08:45 - Robert Moore
          Opening Remarks
    09:00 - Eugene Oks*

          Review Of The Phenomenon Of Dips In Spectral Line Emitted From Plasmas
          And Their Applications

     09:35 - Marion Harmand*
          Warm Dense Matter Studies With X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy In Free
          Electron Laser Facilities

Session Ib:
Chair: Elisabeth Dalimier

    10:25 - Djamel Benredjem*
Opacity Profiles In Inertial Confinement Fusion Plasmas
    11:00 - Ashraf El Sherbini*
Nanomaterial Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy
    11:35 - Motoshi Goto
          Analytical Solution Of The Hanle Effect In View Of CLASP And Future
          Polarimetric Solar Studies

Session Ic:
Chair: Eugene Oks

    13:40 - Carlos Aragon*
        Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy For Stark Broadening And Shift

    14:15 - Carlos Iglesias*
Fast Algorithms For Stark Broadened Spectral Lines

Session Id:
Chair: John Lewis

    15:05 - Gamal Roston*
Pressure Broadening Of The Cadmium 326.1 nm Line
    15:40 - Horace Crater
New Singlet Positronium Bound State
    16:05 - James Hornkohl
          Diatomic Line- And Band-Structure In Laser-Induced Plasma

Session IIa:
Chair: Dionisio Bermejo

    09:00 - Goran Pichler*
Collision-induced Phenomena In The Autoionizing Spectrum Of Ba And Sr
    09:35 - Gita Revalde*

          Line Shape Measurement And Modeling For Plasma Diagnostics

Session IIb:
Chair: Dionisio Bermejo

    10:25 - Mitsutoshi Aramaki*
        Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurement Of Moderately Coupled One
          Component Plasma

    11:00 - Bob Compton*
        Raman Spectroscopy Under Liquid Nitrogen (RUN)
    11:35 - Mitch Pindzola
Atomic Collision Processes for Magnetic Fusion Plasmas

Session IIc:
Chair: Magnus Gustafsson

    13:40 - Patrick Dufour*
        Broadening Of Metal Lines In White Dwarf Stars: Results And Applications
    14:15 - Paul Barklem*
        Modeling The Spectrum Of Mg In Cool Stars

Session IId:
Chair: Magnus Gustafsson

    15:05 - Dragana Ilic*
Super-massive Black Holes And Spectral Emission Lines
    15:40 - Joel Rosato
Stark Broadening By Thermal Lorentz Fields In Tokamak Edge Plasmas
    16:05 - John Lewis
Infilling of Vector Collision-Sequence Interference Dips

Session IIIa:
Chair: Carlos Iglesias

    09:00 - Alvaro A. Cruz-Cabrera*
        Combustion Diagnostics For Analysis of Solid Propellant Rocket Abort Hazards:
          Role of Spectroscopy

    09:35 - Stelios Couris*
          Combustion Diagnostics With Femtosecond Laser Radiation

Session IIIb:
Chair: Carlos Iglesias

    10:25 - Dennis Alexander*
        Focusing Phenomena Of Femtosecond Laser Radiation Interacting With

    11:00 - Alessandro De Giacomo*
Laser Induced Breakdown Plasma Fundamentals
    11:35 - Abdelaziz Boulesbaa
Exciton Quenching At The Interface Of 2D/0D Nanostructures

Session IVa:
Chair: Roman Ciurylo

    09:30 - Agata Cygan*
        Precise Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy
    09:35 - Shusuke Nishiyama*
        Application Of Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy To Plasma Diagnostics

Session IVb:
Chair: Roman Ciurylo

    10:25 - Alexander Kouzov*
        Resonant Four-Wave Mixing Spectra: A Fresh Look At Photodissociation

    11:00 - Gregor Knopp*
        Molecular Dynamics Investigated By Time- And Frequency Resolved Nonlinear
          Spectroscopy: From The Visible To The X-ray Region

    11:35 - Magnus Gustafsson
The Emission Spectrum Due To Molecule Formation Through Radiative

Session IVc:
Chair: Roland Stamm

    13:40 - Alexander C. Woods*
Emission Lines for Plasma Characterization from Laser Ablation of Titanium
    14:15 - Vassilia Zorba*
        Femtosecond Laser Chemical Imaging In Li-ion Battery Systems

Session IVd:
Chair: Roland Stamm

    15:05 - Tetsuya Ido*
        Frequency Comparison Of Lattice Clocks
toward the redefinition of the
          SI second

    15:40 - Oleg Olendski
Magnetic Field Control Of The Linear And Nonlinear Optical Absorption In
          Two-Dimensional Quantum Rings

    16:05 - Ray Hefferlin
Vibration Frequencies For Searches Of Free Triatomic Molecules In Interstellar

Session Va:
Chair: Motoshi Goto

    09:00 - Ashok Pathak*
        Medical Applications Of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
    09:35 - Robert Splinter*
        Ultrashort Phenomena In Biological Spectral Imaging

Session Vb:
Chair: Motoshi Goto

    10:25 - Tetsuya Kawachi*
        Zeeman Splitting Of Laser-driven Soft X-ray Laser Line By The Enhancement
          Of Magnetic Field In Plasma

    11:00 - Hien-Yoong Hah
Motional Narrowing In Mössbauer Spectra Of Superparamagnetic Fe3O4

    11:25 - David Plemmons
        Experimental Measurements Of Line Strength And Line Shape Parameters Of
          HCl And HF

    11:50- Roman Ciurylo

          Next Conference 2016

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